Monday, 8 April 2013


I know a lot of very religious girls - some of the best friends I have our religious girls. They are some of the nicest, most intelligent people you'd meet, just like anybody else. Yet my problem lies with how women can read the Bible, see what it says about women's roles are in society and still believe. Verses such as those in Timothy that say women have no authority over men and should be silent.  Or verses in the Old Testament stating that women are unclean for 7 days on their period and should not be touched/ anything they touch (Leviticus). The good thing is though, that these verses are followed in Christianity for the most part, and others such in 1 Peter that state women shouldn't braid their hair, wear jewelry or fine clothing are also ignored. But this lies for me - if you openly don't agree with parts of the book in which your moral beliefs and lifestyle are created, then there is a problem here. If you truly believe of the merit the Bible gives you then you should follow it's laws (I understand the Old Testament may not necessarily have to be followed, but Peter and Timothy are just two examples in the N.T. and are therefore considered authoritative) without picking and choosing what appeals to you. People make the counter argument that this was simple directed towards the people of the time, these rules were meant for those during the time period and can be ignored. To that I say exactly! It is clear that the rules contained within the Bible are directed towards those of a certain time period and to take others such as those condemning homosexuality and putting them in a modern context simply makes people seem dated.

The Quran's not much better for those's a couple verses allowing polygamy and marrying girls who haven't reached puberty.

Quran 4.3     Quran 65.4

What are your thoughts on all of this? Am I missing something here or does this make sense?

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